Monday, 13 December 2010

Super Saya celebrates

Bad news for all the boys in Matsumoto - one of the most eligible girls in town is off to the bright lights of Tokyo....and how?!

Sayaka will be studying as Waseda University when term starts next spring! How cool is that? I am personally over the moon for her, as a lifelong fan and sometimes her teacher, totally thrilled. Obviously Saya is rather happy with her news too, and deserves a great big hug for all the hard work that she has done to get in.

This is the same girl that:
  • hid behind her mum's leg for the first six months of our classes
  • cried all the way to New Zealand, on our homestay trip
  • escaped high school here & spent two years in Canada
  • just took FCE
  • is going to be very succesful
xxx well done girl!

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