Friday, 21 October 2011

Fresh air - can't beat it!

Our little walk to the new D2 hardware store was not a success - not the right kind of ink - so we made a sortie to Watahan. The benefit for our pre-schoolers here is the large fish tanks we can go 'wow' at. We can also try to find the gerbils and hamsters in their cages, but they are starting to thing about hibernating and hiding under their newspaper & cabbage leaves. The rabbits are too big to hide - and the dogs have nowhere to do anything, which is sad. But, they love jumping around when the children are there.

Across the road (once we'd found the ink) is the nice new park with all the swings and slides, and lots of open grass to run around on. It is still not too cold in the sunshine, and we ran around all the attractions twice over. Beats being indoors, again!

There were lots of other children there (and Jim even had to rescue one of a tall ledge!) with the same idea, so we had to wait for a turn (which is good to learn!)

Finally, we enjoyed a nice sunny picnic with lashings of fresh air. A very healthy pre-school day!

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