Sunday, 23 October 2011

Young Learners at Luna

 A big round of applause to our stand up young learners today, who wanted to show how much they are improving in English class.

Always a proud day for us at Luna, and also a worry - children can freeze on their big day...and there's nothing we can do! Cambridge ESOL Young Learners Exams (YLE) Day.  The children are taking exactly the same test today as their counterparts in Sapporo at EFL Club, and many hundreds of others at venues worldwide.

We are so proud we can offer this to our students - and we need to thank Yukari for her hard work in preparing everything meticulously, sourcing the papers from the UK, and making sure everybody knew what they were doing. Thank you Rico for being our speaking test examiner, and Kat for helping invigilate. Every little bit helps.

Our students always enjoy the 'tests' more than they expect, because they get to colour things in; all the answers are somewhere on the page; the pictures are really colourful and should know pretty much all the words anyway - and if we don't know we can still read them/have a good guess!

We are hoping to get our certificates back before Christmas now, so we can make a big fuss over them in front of all the parents. Papers have already been sent to the UK for marking. Fingers crossed everyone gets the kind of result they expect - and even if you don't, you still get a lovely certificate to put on your wall!
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