Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Temple of the Golden Pavillion, Kyoto

Takuro has asked me to post this poster project, which he made after reading "Wonders of the Past" - an excellent OUP 'Read & Discover' graded reader.

You can also learn with Takuro, if you want to pick up the key vocabulary from this level, with the set of flash cards from the glossary available on Quizlet "Wonders of the Past"

We are slowly putting together flashcards for the graded readers our students are using, and making them all available in this Quizlet Graded Reader group. Join the group or become our 'friend' on Quizlet to keep up with new sets as they become available?

Meanwhile, enjoy Takuro's good work about Kyoto's most famous landmarks. I am looking forward to helping him 'go digital' soon, and he is looking forward to actually visiting these buildings on his school trip next year.
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