Monday, 23 September 2013

Lifestyles - results from a Google Form survey via Facebook

This graph shows people got bitten by animals and insects. Mosquitoes have bitten everyone. Ants and dogs have bitten 4 people. Nobody has been bitten by a lion.
This graph shows the different blood groups people have. 25% of people didn't know their  blood group.  Most people have  A blood group. There were no AB blood group.

These graphs show that most people haven't had a bad  illness, a serious accident, donated blood, or received blood from a donor

This graph shows how many people have been to a different continents. Everyone has been to Europe. Most people have  been to North America and Asia. Nobody has been to Antarctica.

This graph shows how many hours of sleep people get at night. Everybody gets more than 6 hours. One person gets 9 hours. The average was 7.4 hours.
This graph shows how many vegetables people eat every day.
The average was 3, but one person had 7, one person had zero

 What do the results mean?
The average number of vegetables is 6, the recommended is 4. I eat 8, I'm very healthy. The average amount of sleep is 7 hours/night, the recommended is 6 hours/night, but I sleep 8. Blood group A is most common in Asia. We don't know where the answerers from, but maybe Asia, like me? Maybe I'm unlucky , because I had pneumonia, but only one person also had a bad illness . I also had a serious accident , when I was little I banged my head in the car, because I was playing in the car without my seat belt. Like most people , I haven't donated or received blood. I've been bitten by the same thing as most people have. Most people have been to 3 continents . I don't know how old the answerers are , but I've been to 3, and I'm only 13.  

Thank you to the people who answered my questionnaire.
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