Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Eating and drinking in Japan: PET writing practice (a report)

There are a lot of sushi restaurants in Japan, and they sell delicious raw fishes on top of some rice. You can also find noodle restaurants, in many towns.They sell many kinds of noodles like, ramen noodles.We eat them with a special soop.

Most towns have lots of hamburger shops, which are cheap and fast.There are many kinds of drinks in there
so, lots of people go there in hot days.

 These usually sell hot and cold drinks, of course, but not alcohol.They also sell sandwiches, cakes, cookies,
and salads.Usually there's a smoking area so, it's good for non-smokers. 

Drinks! (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)
There are many kinds of alcoholic drinks in Japanese bars, but not only alcoholic drinks. There are non-alcoholic cocktails as well. Children can't go into them.

If you want to buy food or drinks, you can do it here. However, if you want to buy something soon, you can
go to a convenience store. There are lots of convenience stores in Japan. They sell a lot of kinds of of things like pens and lights as well as food.


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