Monday, 2 September 2013

Story Generator: Takuro's Pants - The Musical

There was one superhero. He's called "Happy Hikoro". Everyone thought that Happy Hikoro is the best superhero, but there were villains called "SKE 48".

SKE 48 eats too much junk food, everyday like hamburgers, crisps, coca cola. Happy Hikoro is a superman doctor. He can do surgical operations. one day, all of the members of SKE 48 (48 people!) got a very bad illness. Happy Hikoro had to do the operations in White City.

ngc underpants
underpants (Photo credit: lucy and her dent)
The operation started. Happy Hikoro had to do 48 people, but he couldn't, so he put his hand into his pocket & took out Takuro's pants. Happy Hikoro put on Takuro's pants & he became a super muscle-man. he took the knife & started the operation again. Two minutes later he finished the operation - Takuro's pants can make him powerful.

The operation finished very nicely. Happy Hikoro was thinking "Let's drink beer", so he went to the underground to get on the Tube, but one member of the public fell onto the track. Happy Hikoro wanted to help, so he got onto the track, put on takuro's pants again and punched the tube train to stop it.

Happy Hikoro went to the pub & drank a lot of beer, and he lived happily ever after.


Written & Directed by Tomoro, with creative contributions from Tak, Kan & Alex.