Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pronunciation race: using Fotobabble to speed things up!

My savvy YLs know that if the recording app is on, they don't have much time to do whatever it is they're going to do next! How's that for a motivational tool?

We'd already had a go at this in another format, but I was not so happy with the way they were 'stretching' sounds out (that internal 'kana metronome' I think kids pick up in Japan...and one that is reinforced in schools with rote repititions & class chants.) 

Alright, so the pronunciation might have suffered a bit, but they got all the words out quickly, in the right order, and got their answers in as well! (And, by the way, solved a problem one learner was having in adding an "a" before the colour word).

Like it? I really recommend giving #Fotobabble a go!
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