Friday, 6 September 2013


Let me tell you about swans. Swans are big white birds, which are the heaviest among
flying birds. They have a long neck, a yellow beak and black feet. These elegant birds
live in rivers and ponds, but only when it is cold, so they migrate when summer comes.
They are usually in pairs but fly as a flock when migrating.

IMG_1320c (Photo credit: Den Flater)
It seems that swans are hard to observe, but actually it’s quite easy. If you want to see one in Matsumoto, 
go to Matsumoto Castle in winter. Walk around the castle and you will see some beautiful swans. Swans look calm, but you shouldn’t go too close to one because they can be very aggressive, especially swans which are raising a child. If you be careful about this, you will be able to have a fantastic time watching this fascinating animal.      

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