Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Batman Begins - Film Review

Cover of "Batman Begins"
Cover of Batman Begins
This is a a film disclosing how the "Dark Knight " was born.I enjoyed this breathtaking film by Christopher Nolan.

Wayne Bruce, who is the son of a noble, was an orphan. Feeling discouraged, he leaves his city Gotham and travels all over the world. Seven years later, he returns and with his mates, he over comes his fear. With strength,  brains and high tech weapons, he fight for justice.

The action in this film is just spectacular. Especially in the last scene which is breathtaking. Incidentally the car is just too cool. Also, there is a lot of special effects used and I was impressed with them as well.

I have seen some of this Batman series and think this is the best out of those. It is the beginning of the story the prequel, so anyone can enjoy watching this even if you don't know anything about Batman.

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