Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Scrabble with six year olds?!

Absolutely! And do you know what, it cured a bad case of the "mummy mummies" this afternoon - which was a pleasant surprise!

Our first time to play, and with six players Jim-Sensei had to be fast & loose with the rules (including not keeping a score!)

Main aim was to recognise/match lower case letters ("sensible" font a big bonus!) & to be able to say what the letters they were matching were. Big group = plenty of thinking time (big ABC chain on the wall) & time to locate matches on the board.

Each child took a fistful of tiles (four!) and took it in turns to put two on the board; lots of mutual support, as we were not trying to win. Pick up two more. Play ended when we'd filled the board & run out of letters. Achievement ;)

On the way, incidental game playing/turn taking language (repeated every turn!) as well as letter revision, getting them the right way up & distinguishing especially between p/q/d/b. 

And we sat & played very nicely for over half an hour; that "change activities every 5 minutes with YLs" myth debunked again!

Next time we play, we will win points for putting the last letter in a word to complete it, and for reading it/saying what the picture is ;) And everyone will still be a winner! 

What's your favourite YL board game?