Saturday, 19 October 2013

Quick Hallowe'en masks

 Workshop today at Luna was all about making Hallowe'en masks.

Yes, I am not into the whole Hallowe'en thing at all (erm but I love the whole Pendle Hill thing) as an utterly false American premise...but it does lend itself  to an very nice arts & crafts session. Hypocrite Jim sensei!

What do you need? An hour or so to get all the bits & pieces lined up for a start - after you've done the shopping. This after you have had a trial run on your own to get the steps sorted out/iron out wrinkles/fine tune design & process...otherwise you end up blowing your timing and having a project half undone. In cooking terms, mis en place.

Paper plates (pre-painted = save all the drying hassle) & draw in a pencil face. Chop off the top, turn upside down & re-attach via dangles as a mouth. Fill in with a black marker. Use a paper punch on either side to make ear-holes - rubber band through each & tie them together with a length of wool. More wool, threads pulled apart, to add a fringe and a beard.

One hour done :)