Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Badminton Competition

Badminton racquets
Badminton racquets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear diary,
 On Saturday I took part in a badminton competition in Okaya city. It was a competition of doubles. On the day, I woke up at five thirty in the morning, took a train to Okaya.
 The whole competition was divided in to three groups, group A, B and C. Group A is a group of best players and Group C is a group of beginners. Out of those three, I was in group B. After being divided into three groups we were divided into another eleven groups to do a league game. Only the top of the league is allowed to go to the finals.
 We won all the games in the league without any trouble. In the quarterfinal, however, I got so nervous and I missed a lot of shots and lost one game, but after that game, I pulled my self together and won next two games and won the match. Semifinal’s competitors was the strongest pair we played that dayI concentrated, move my feet, tried not to miss, and then we won. The final didn’t differ much from semifinal. We became first in the competition! I was so happy because I had never become first in badminton competition. We got cakes for winning it as well. It was good.
 I have to thank my partner, Minami. I couldn’t win it with out him. This day has been the best day in October. Better than my birthday!
 I will practice more hard to be better and earn the strength to win against stronger team. Next competition is in November. I want to win it as well if I can.

Kanro M

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