Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The festival at the Nagano Prefectural Children’s Hospital - independent report!

2013_Kod_byo_fest (792)
2013_Kod_byo_fest (792) (Photo credit: ijiwaru jimbo)

In October 14th, I went to the festival at the Nagano Prefectural Children’s Hospital. The hospital is famous for its orange rooftop and it has reached the 20th anniversary in this year.

This festival was organized for children who will play important roles of our future and for children to know more about hospitals. The festival lasted for about 5 hours and 30 minutes and the number of its event is 42, so that means it was very busy day, but I think it was a brilliant idea for the visitors not to be bored and have fun!

What I looked and experienced was to ride on hot-air balloon, to watch a street performance and to see the plarail toy trains. All of them were fun do.  In addition, many vehicles including a police car, the Self-Defense Forces, a fire engine, a ladder car, an ambulance, a doc copter and the shovel car came, and children were states of the delight. Also, there were the experience-based tour and occupation experience in the hospital, and there was the figure that they told about their work. 

The world's best photographer came, too and was cool. I really enjoyed the festival.(Jim)