Saturday, 15 February 2014

My friend on the fiddle - Tales from Longpuddle (after reading)

 Write about a time when your friends played live music (well or badly).

My friend, Masako can play fiddle.

One day, she invited Chinasa, Reiko, and me to the recital of an orchestra, which she trained in. I was very pleased to be invited her recital because she hadn’t allowed us to come and see her recital for a long time. I felt I could be a little more her close friend. I met her at work, where she was cheerful and unfussy person. I heard that she had played fiddle since childhood, and I thought it was great hobby when I heard she played fiddle.

Her recital came. It was sunny day in fall.

She showed up from the left side of the stage. The orchestra consists of forty people approximately.
I don’t know well about kind of instrument, but there were six people in the fiddle team. The conductor started music, and she also played fiddle with other member. She was very serious and concentrated in her play. She had a different face, comparing to work. She never lost her concentration during her play.

It was fantastic playing, and I felt how much she liked playing fiddle, and had a passion on music.
I saw Masako after she played; her face was back to her cheerful face as usual. It was good time to see her private face, and I grew to like and admire her more than before when I saw her fresh face.

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