Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cultural differences - after reading The Canterville Ghost

 The Americans in this story are very different to the British. 
How are Americans different to people from your country?

One of our main customers for electric shaver is American’s company. I often communicate with them by e-mail and a few times to meet them in a year. Whenever I go to America, I am surprised two points on the difference between Americans and Japanese.

One thing is the volume of meal. I love steak and pizza, but everything is too big for me to eat up. The cups for drinks are also big. I never drunk it up. Americans, however, can eat and drink up. I can understand why their body is very big.

The other thing is the endurance of cold. I feel that Americans are very tough even if it is very cold. I cannot stay in the room without outerwear, but Americans wear half sleeve shirt. I also saw some Americans who visited Japan wear half sleeve shirt even if it was winter.

Honestly, I don’t want to live in America as it is not comfortable on the meal and temperature. I, however, like to visit America and enjoy talking with Americans and finding the difference between America and Japan.

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