Thursday, 13 February 2014

Writing about The Big Apple - after reading New Yorkers

 Write about your trip to New York

It was a first visit to New York when I was 23 years old.

I worked for travel company in Matsumoto, Japan at that time. I wanted to go to various place as much as possible as I thought the experience could be helpful for my job.

As some of my friends lived in Las Vegas and Boston, I planned to go to visit these friends and stop by New York as well. I was interested in New York as it is a famous city in the world. After visiting Boston, I went to New York. I was excited the scenery such as yellow cab, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty which I've seen before in TV and felt that I actually came to New York!

As there is only one day for staying NY, I couldn't enjoy all of things I wanted to do but tried to do as much as possible. That was very enjoyable but I felt NY is too big to enjoy for me, it's kind of same feeling I visit to Tokyo. There is everything in the world in Tokyo and NY, but it's too much for me as I grew up in the countryside.

I thought it is the best for me that I live in countryside and sometimes visit the big city when I want to enjoy new things!

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