Monday, 17 February 2014

The Eagle of the Ninth - book review


In the second century AD, the Ninth Roman Legion disappeared in Britain, and the Eagle, the symbol of the Legion's honour was lost. Later, Marcus, whose father also disappeared with the Legion, travelled to Britain to bring the Eagle back & know whether his father already died or not, accompanying Esca who was the young slave. During the journey, he pretended an eye-doctor to get into the tribes. Getting information from Guern, Dergdian and Tradui, finally they found out the Eagle and could bring back home. The truth of the disappearance was that some men including his father were killed by tribes, the others became members of the tribes.

I like the story has reality. Nothing happened special for disappearance of the Legion.

There was no characters or events I didn't like.

After reading the story, I was sure that invasion has nonsense. I like such a historic novel, and this story reminded me of a film "Apocalypse Now" which is a 1979 American epic war film during the Vietnam War. In this story, US Army Captain became the king of his own country there. I guess that the similar things would happen whenever & wherever the war occurs. I recommend leading this book.

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