Wednesday, 7 January 2015

After reading "The Key" - a walk in a secret garden

Imagine you could open a door to a secret garden, just for you. 
Describe a walk though it, with a ll the sights, sounds and smells...

I used to have a puzzle. It had a company’s name on it, so I guess it was a free gift from them.
The size is about Length 10 x Width 15 cm.  I have no idea, but I liked the picture on the puzzle a lot.
I broke and made the puzzle again and again.

The picture was a beautiful idyllic view. I’ve never been to Wales, but it’s like Wales that I imagine. I wish to have the kind of garden, so I’d like to describe it here as my secret garden. Green grass which length is about 10 to 15 cm glows when you open door. A couple of groups of broad leaf trees glow. Those trees are not too high.

In the end of trees, there is a clear lake. It may be about 100m ahead from the door. There is a red boat with oar. We can smell green grass and a little bit mud. Wind shakes leaf and grass, and rustling sound give you great feeling. Sunbeams come through leaves. There are wooden chairs and a wooden table with a red and white checked table cloth. I sometime have a lunch there.

This is my ideal secret garden! I wish to have such a big garden...

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