Friday, 16 January 2015

Getting lost - trusting my car navigation

This is a kind of lost story on the way to Ueda city although it is not lost in the mist and the completely lost.

I went to a hotel in Ueda city to attend a seminar by my car. It was the first time to get there by myself, so I used the car navigation system to find the route. My plan is to use two toll tunnels, not highway. I set up the car navigation system without using the toll road because I believed it meant highway, but it was wrong. The system showed the route without using not only highway but also toll tunnels. I should have realized it before I left my house.
The TomTom One in-car navigation system.
Photo credit: Wikipedia

I was still confident that I could get to the destination on time as the car navigation system showed that the arriving time was still good for me. I followed the route that the system showed. I drove through the mountain road and it was harder than expected as I wasn’t good at driving such a road. In addition, there were very narrow roads and a few tunnels without lights. I was worried if I could get to the destination. 

Fortunately, I could arrive at the destination on time, but I was exhausted. I learned that I should check the overall route before the departure.

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