Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Blue LEDs & Nobel Prize winners

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led_blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I usually see 2 lightings at least in Winter. During this winter season, I saw the lighting at TOKI NO SUMIKA (時の梄) in Gotenba, Shizuoka and at ALPS Azumino national goverment park in Azumino city. Those lighting were very beautiful because the lighting of various colors were used, and it really got to me.

When I saw them, I remembered 3 doctors who invite Blue LED and won a 2014 Nobel Prize. If they don't invite Blue LED, I can't see a part of the colors we saw in the lighting and the lighting can't touch me or other viewers emotionally. If they don't invite Blue LED, we can't see clear electronic signboard for easy understanding at station and on road etc.

A few years ago, I saw a news that professor Nakamura went to court for asking his recompenses of inviting Blue LED to his previous company. When I saw that news, I surprised its amount (60 billion yen) as his recompenses and didn't know whether the recompenses were suitable, or not. But this time, I learned what effect Blue LED has for our life and industries and was glad that 3 doctors' research was recognized and was known very well.

An after reading task, by Ritsuko (graded reader "CHOIR Boy)

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