Saturday, 17 January 2015

My first journey - after reading "Gone"

My first journey I ever made was to go to meet my uncle's family who live in Nagoya.

I was 6 years old at that time. It takes about 3 hours from my home to his house by train. It was my first time to get train by my self. My mother worried and let me have some food, drinks, clothes and souvenior for my uncle's family. They are heavy but I was much more anxious about how I get to there.

Not the Eiffel tower or the Tokyo tower, this ...
Nagoya TV tower, the oldest TV tower
 in Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fortunately, there was only one time to transit the train at Matsumoto station as my uncle was waiting at Nagoya station. As I have often been to Matsumoto station with my grandmother, there was no problem to transit the train. 

After reaching Nagoya, he take me to TV tower which was famous in Nagoya at that time. I was impressed everything I watched as most of things were that I had never seen. Especially for the experience to watch the movie. That was my first time to watch the movie. Although the story of the movie was a bit of heavy for me, I enjoyed my first movie in my life.

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