Thursday, 29 January 2015

After Reading - The Key

My grandfather was the stamp collector.  After he died, the collection was handed over to my father and he decided to collect stamps as his father did.  My father buys every new stamps which are released from Japan Post Office every week.  He usually files four pieces of stamps as a set.  His file is well organized and puts those files in the shelf in order.  When I was six or seven years old, the stamp collecting was popular among my friend.  My father bought a file for me and gave me one or two stamps for my own collection.  At that time, almost all stamps were rectangle or square shape.  I was very excited to see the different shape, like round or wider rectangle.  The lowest value of stamp was one yen and the highest one I had was five hundreds yen.  I put those stamps from low to high and looked my file many times.  Sometimes I could get foreign stamps and it made me feel special.  And... I don't know where my file is now.  I don' remember clearly when I stopped collecting stamp, but I don't collect stamp any more.  My father still buys stamps every week and wants to hand it over to my brother in near future.

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