Friday, 19 February 2021

If Al Gore was a president of United States

 The former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement, WHO etc. Like these, the US President has strong authority without getting any approval of Senate and House. If Mr. Al Gore had beaten George Bush in the US Presidential election, he could take effective measurements to protect the Earth from the greenhouse warming and to pass the Earth in a better condition for the future.

When Al Gore insisted the dangerous of the greenhouse warming and the importance of environmental protection 50 years ago, I think that people might not take this matter seriously, but we are now facing a lot of natural disaster like flood, drought, monsoon, hurricane, typhoon, heat wave and all of the world is seriously thinking how to slow down the greenhouse warming. If Al Gore beat George Bush in 2001, the U.S. might agree to the Kyoto protocol together with 178 countries in 1997 and it agreement might be hold until 2005. It was important and effective that the US who is one of the biggest producers of CO2 agreed and took the activities to protect the Earth.

He is working hardly to protect the Earth with a slogan “The Great Reset”. The people especially in developed countries must learn the problems about the Earth and must change their lifestyle to slowing the greenhouse warming even if it is inconvenienced for us a little. We cannot put off dealing with the greenhouse warming.

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