Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Japanese traditions - tea ceremony

  A long long time ago, Jukou Murata(村田珠光) made a tea  ceremony. However, it wasn't complete as people had tea time in Japan. Jukou did tea time people had with "Zen()" together. This started "Wabi-Cha(侘び茶)"

He lived 1422-1502, and he made wabi-cha. After he died, Takeno Jouou(武野紹鷗) inherited wabi-cha. Finally Jouou completed wabi-cha. This is like a modern tea  ceremony.

Almost all Japanese people know Sen no Rikyu (千利休).He is very famous in Japan as a tea  ceremony performer, but Jouou taught tea  ceremony to Rikyu and other famous people.

Rikyu went became a famous te  ceremony in Japan. When Bushi went to regions (ikusa), they did  a tea ceremony with local Lords. In the tea room, performers(and who in the tea room) have to leave "Buki".

Now, We know tea  ceremony, especially "Sansenke(三千家)" for example, Omotesenke(表千家), Urasenke(裏千家), Mushakojisenke(武者小路千家). Iemoto is a herditary system, and Senno Rikyu's family has three branches from his grandsons.

Author performing Tea Ceremony in New Zealand

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