Thursday, 29 April 2021

Hijack at Entebbe

Date: 1976, 7,3
Place: Entebbe international airport
Result:102 people saved by Israel army
 Air France 139 was hijacked from Tel Aviv to Paris via Atene on June 27, 1976
 Hijacked by terrorists right after the departure from Greece, Athens
 2 of them from PFLP-EO, one of PSF Palestine Struggle Front
 2 of them from RZ, terrorist group in west Germany
 3 terrorists were joined after landing at Entebbe airport
 256 of passengers and crews were boarded
 Airplane was landed at Entebbe international airport in Uganda per the order by terrorists
 Idi Amin, president of Uganda supported terrorists
 150 passengers and crews were freed from terrorists except for Jew and Israeli
 106 Jew and Israeli became the hostages at Entebbe airport
 Terrorists requested to release the other terrorists from jails
 Israel government decided to get the hostages out from Uganda
 Israel army flied to Uganda and proceeded their plan with complete secrecy

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