Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The London Game

Getting thrashed
Image by ijiwaru jimbo via Flickr
Kanrou lived in London for four years, and knows his way around the London Underground much better than me (I'm a northerner!). I was getting thrashed until he made the classic mistake of being nice - I pounced, travelling from Wembley to Green Park in record time and scooping a dramatic last minute victory when all he had to do was wander along the Cirlcle Line to Temple.

On our way around (mostly under) London, we read about various tourist spots and he told me what they were like! I've never been to the Transport Museum; I can't remember London Zoo; he used to go to school near the BBC; he's been to the new Wembley ("boring" - so he obviously saw an England friendly there!) etc. Me? I vaguely know how to get to Heathrow, but I have been to Hamley's - mecca for kids!
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