Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Smarty people are happy people

Mind meltingly hot and humid today. Is it OK to teach with your shirt off?!
Resisted the temptation but only just! It was actually cooler outside than in, so after lunch we refound some energy by playing in the car parking space under the school - the girls found our jumbo chalk and demanded satisfaction...a quick think and we came up with a bit of art, a bit of a song (half-remembered from Finding Out), and some jumping around. Mercifully, Naomi sensei is more of an artist than me. (Don't think I'd ever be able to draw an ostrich!)

This morning we did manage to be a bit more productive, but in the heat forgot to take the angelic candy holders we made out of the fridge at the end of the day. Dilemma - to eat them or be heroically stoic and resist the smarties until Friday?!