Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Teacher man

Some people think it is appealing to lead pupils to motivate for study, but I think it is more appealing to teach highly motivated pupils because I can focus on teaching. If given a choice, I would like to teach at Stuyvesant High School.

Most students at Stuyvesant High School are motivated and want to get higher education. I, as a teacher, can share same interest and have sympathy. In my opinion, it is easier to get along with people when you have sympathy.

On the other hand, at Vocational High School, you would have great difficulty with teaching. Most pupils at Vocational High School want to get a job soon after they graduate, so they don’t want to study impractical subjects.
For instance, Barbara Sadler, the pupil of Vocational High School, is given an advice to go to college. But she is confused because she thinks it’s unrealistic.

Therefore, I prefer to teach at Stuyvesant High School.

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