Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bon Bon update

Registration to join Luna's team closed on Friday, and we are delighted that once again we will have a full subscription. Thank you all for choosing to join us - we might be able to squeeze a couple more dancers in if you ask our super model Yuki (left).

As you can see, this year's t-shirt is a collectors item (as is Yuki) and is bound to popular and highly recognisable.

Starting point will be outside NHK, heading towards Agata-no-mori. Hardly ideal, as that is absolutely the 'dead' end of the festival. However, we may end up in the middle of town again...who knows! Meeting up at 5pm - 'getting in the mood'.

We are also booking a little yakitori (same as 2009) to carry on the festivities once the dancing stops. Shaping up to be an exciting evening!