Monday, 9 August 2010

Help for tourists to Matsumoto - podcast super episode

Matsumoto's best assetSomething I have NOT managed to get done since last October finally all fell into place this evening - my last student is absent, so I had a moment!

Please LOOK at our latest podcast - it is a slideshow for tourists visiting Matsumoto. I always felt it a shame visitors all take the direct/easy route to the castle from the station, then head back the same way and miss everything! All the cool shops I know, things to see down side streets (the things you always find out about after your trip?)

So, in full shiny podcast glory is Matsumoto for foreigners. It is an mp4 file - download it & email it to friends or send the link

The icon used by Apple to represent Podcasting.Visitors can load it on their iPod or iPhone & enjoy my lovely voice for 40 minutes of commentary, silly jokes and misdirection - don't blame me if people get lost (maybe I edited it badly?!) It was windy, so pls excuse the buffeting. Any good audio editors out there?

I am very excited about this - please subscribe? The podcast player is found on the "Easy Listening" page, tab at the top. Enjoy :)   to subscribe directly with your mobile phone