Saturday, 25 September 2010

About Japanese Politics

Written by Teruki
Japan is a Constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Emperor, but he is a just symbol. The leader of the government is the Prime Minister. In Japan, elections for the government are held every four years for the House of Representatives, and every six years for the House of Councilors. Citizens also vote for their Governor, Mayor and the members of the city and prefectural governments. People over twenty years old can vote. People are not given any punishment if they do not vote.
Nowadays, the Democratic Party is the main part of the Japanese government. In my opinion, the Liberal Democratic Party is more right wing, and   the Social Democratic Party is the more left wing. It looks strange. 
 The government buildings are in the center of Tokyo, in Kasumigaseki, Nagatacho in Chiyoda ward. It is called the government office area.
  The country belongs to the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic, Asia-Europe Meeting, ASEM, and so on.
  The flag design is extremely simple, a red dot in the center of a white flag. Some say the red circle represents the sun. Ancient people believed in the sun god, and people called the country “the Land of the Rising Sun”. Therefore, a red circle “the sun” became the symbol of the flag. People think the cherry tree is a one of our country’s symbols. Japanese people love cherry blossoms. A party under a cherry tree is a special occasion for Japanese people. When enjoying cherry blossom, people remember their nationality.