Friday, 17 September 2010


What you need
A fishing rod,time,bait,line,hook.

My friend goes fishing. She goes with her family. She goes fishing to river. She really enjoys it. She goes to river and waits and catches many fish. She is a good fisherman. And she is a good cook too. She cooks the fish with her mother. And her brothers catch the fish with her father. She goes fishing once a month.



jim said...

Hey Yuhi,

I think you also need a lot of time & patience for fishing. Did you know it is illegal to shoot fish in Wyoming, by the way?

You didn't explain what the equipment is for!


I learn at Luna said...

Rod...We have to hold it and you mustn't take it out.
Time...You have to WAIT!!
Bait...We can eat them!Warms,small fishes,soil,shrimps,and other delicious things.
Line...We need strong lines.Thick line is easy to brake.
Hook...We need sharp hook.Hook are important to fish fishes.Hook through fish's lips.