Thursday, 30 September 2010

Neighbourhood rules & obligations

Japan has its fair share of unfathomable rules, which I asked my class at NHK this evening to have a go at expressing. My objective was to get them to use modals of obligation more confidently/accurately.
Now, I have lived in Matsumoto for a fair old while, but there is always something 'new' that usually has me scratching my head in dismay! Here are the final results of pair-worked brainstorming.
Anything on this list strike you as particularly practical, or utterly bonkers?

You must do the following:
• separate your rubbish (steel v aluminium cans, plastic v organic etc)
•put rubbish in the designated place, on the designated day, in the designated bag (one city I know has 41 different ways the locals have to split their rubbish!) after dawn
•write your name on your rubbish bags
•take a turn to be 'rubbish monitor'
•carry i/d (if you are foreign)

You mustn't/can't do the following:
•fly tipping
•burn your own rubbish or anything else in your garden
•put your rubbish out the night before
•park in the street
•ride a bike in a pedestrian area
•throw away rubbish in black bags

You can do the following:
•smoke in the street (depends on the ward)
•drink in street
•set off fireworks (but not in parks/school yards)

You don't have to do the following:
•register your bike (but it's a good idea)
•cross the street at a crossing (but everyone does)

You shouldn't:
•make a racket late at night

What's the daftest neighbourhood rule in your town? We'd love to hear!

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