Tuesday, 28 September 2010

predicting sequences - cuisennaire rods 101

Getting a hang of logical sequences is a big step for little ones - noticing patterns and predicting a continuation thereof is no small achievement. We tackled this today threading different shaped buttons onto pipecleaner, and asking the children to repeat a series (eg. triangle, circle, star) - this got easier after all the pink ones had been used and they had to put up with inferior colours!

We backed this up with red & blue cuisennaire rods, building a sequence that repeated (B, B, R). Small beer so far, but much bigger challenges ahead now that they've 'got the idea'. We will be starting to think about categorising things and making sets, as well as measuring things and comparing sizes etc. Going to get very scientific (no - we'll be using hands, feet, elbows etc!)

We also made weather machines, to help us track the changing weather now. Pretty pointless doing this during the overwhelming heatwave we have endured here this summer. "Sunny and hot" would have become a bit dull, day in day out! Mind you, "rainy and cool" will wear thin quickly too!

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