Sunday, 26 September 2010

Student profile - meet (another!) Misaki

My name is Misaki.`Misaki` means spring because my birthday is spring.
I live in Matumoto city and live with my parents.I don't have any brother and sister. I'm 16 years old,and I'm a student of Agatagaoka High School. My class is like girl's school because we have 38 girls and 3 boys. But I love my class very much.
I'm going to tell you about myself.I have medium hair and black eyes. When I meet someone first time,I speak polite language and look like shy but that can't be true because I love talking with friends.
I have two dreams.One is to become a kindergarten's teacher because I love children. So I want to learn about children in university. Next is to live in UK.I went to there when I was 13 years old and I became love there.
My favorite thing is to dance.I had learned ballet and Japanese dancing. Now,I go to jazz hip hop's lessons on Wednesday night and I also go to English classes on Saturday evening.I love English too.
I hope I can see you again sometime soon