Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Run & Spell

I've always loved doing running dictation and today was no exception. We'd spent some time on "The Dragon" already, reading the book itself and doing various activities around the book. And this was the ultimate test - a spelling test with a didifference. Yes, you can look at the words in the book, but the book has to be in a different room and you cannot bring the book back with you and just copy it down. Worked a treat! The students were able to remember (most of the time) and got all the spelling right when we checked at the end. I also asked them to point at various words on their page once we'd finished to check if they could recogonise words by sight, and was very pleased to see them working it out for themselves. For example what's the difference between "dragon" and "dolphin". A whole lot as I'm sure you'll agree!