Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Aggressive spelling!

I really enjoy my noisy boys on Friday afternoons, as they bring a lot of energy to the end of my week, and challenge me to come up with fresh ways to keep them interested/give them scope to bounce off each other & call each other 'stupid' - very competitive issue!

The blackboard is a fine tool for these lads, last week demanding each other 'hurry up", "write more neatly", "learn the alphabet properly", etc. We were reviewing old vocab, but while we were up I wanted to see if they were ready for a 3 letter spelling challenge. On paper, they are OK but rubbing out too much. On the board, they made it a 'death race' - first one finished (with my 'ok') clouted the others. OK, not much of a game but satisfied & motivated them!

As you can see, the spelling is working out nicely, and the confidence from this will transfer nicely to more sedentary exercises. What I like most about this class is just how much one of the boys in particular has blossomed; he used to be extremely shy & self-conscious, and burst into tears at the drop of a hat - even if I looked at him funny...not these days, and I commend him for having the stones to stick with it. Strongest reader at his age in my classes :)