Saturday, 30 April 2011

Yamaga send Parceiro packing

A rare treat for me to have a Saturday afternoon 'free', and to spend it at our local football stadium (Alwin) watching Matsumoto Yamaga tackle bitter rivals Nagano Parceiro.

The gale force wind brought sleet as well as accounting for most of the action taking place at the away end. No matter; Matsumoto's team did the job.

Getting a hard-earned equaliser just before the break gave the 'Gans belief that with the considerable gale at their backs second half, all would be well...took nearly all the 45 minutes to grab the winner but grabbed it was, and all the wind fell out of Parceiro's sails. Good enough for a step up? We'll see.

Crap public transport links and woeful parking/access makes the Alwin "Stadium" a bit of a joke, especially as it is nearer Shiojiri than Matsumoto. Complete lack of policing makes the traffic situation increasingly annoying.
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I'm off home for a Bovril.
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