Monday, 25 April 2011

Whodunit - book review

Dear Adam and Marcos

I really liked your story WHODUNIT because I could not guess who the murder was so it was exciting. There were also lots of suspects and variety of characters so it was very interesting. The story was just the right length for me and I also learned difficult vocabulary like frame, attorney, coroner and warrant. The puzzle was tricky so it was fun doing it. The CD gave more information of the crime so it helped me to guess who the murder was.
I think there is nothing I want change about these stories.

I think I did become a better reader by reading this book. I learned lots of new vocabulary and I went back to check. I used my imagination reading the story and I also predicted what would happen next while reading. I always wanted to read more and finish reading because the story was really clever.
I really enjoyed reading this story and I would like to read more by you.