Sunday, 3 April 2011

Barb Sakamoto presents for OUP Kids` Club

Karl fluffs the audience
I can`t think of a better way to have christened our new premises, than by having Oxford University Press and their Kids` Club Tour present for us on Sunday April 3rd. I am, as always, deeply indebted to OUP for their eternal support and good faith. Luna is a small fish in a very large pond, but we are constantly encouraged by the magnificent efforts of this quietly spoken publisher - which for my money holds most of the EFL/ELT trump cards.

We were originally scheduled to have Setsuko Toyama come and present on their behalf; we can`t blame her daughter for getting engaged, can we?! Thank you Barbara Sakamoto for stepping not only into that breach, but for the second one as well. Two presentations back to back was a champion performance, especially given Karl & I were less than attentive on the PC/projector end of things (sorry Barb!).
Koichi re-introduces himself to Yukari

That OUP would send no less than 26 boxes of materials to back up this event was awesome (if heavy). These guys do not mess about! As well as my good friend Karl, my wife`s first English teacher Koichi supported the presentation, and it was lovely to see him looking so well and professionally on the ball. It is hard to believe he has now been with OUP for a decade since his boss interviewed him in the Suissei Club - oh yes, Koichi is a Matsumoto lad!

Barb knocked the house out with her left-right combo on Sunday; and to a very attentive full house. I am deeply grateful for all our JALT friends for pushing the message and turning up in good numbers; apologies accepted from quite a few with flu. Please take a very good look at

Naomi does art a la Barb
Fortunately, our technological glitches merely enhanced the presentation; if we can over come, so can every teacher! Barb`s presentations included lots of clear, simple and real uses of teacher-friendly (and very student usable) tech in and around our classrooms. I was very glad the likes of Naomi & Simon got class opportunities do not come knocking at our door everyday! I was even more delighted that mums came to join in as well - well done Michiyo!

Thanks everyone for participating - nice to see some new faces as well as familiar ones. Most especially a thank you to Barb; grace personified even in the rough company of English lads on a Saturday night....very much in control of your stage at Luna. Thank you @barbsaka  You ROCK!

I am sorry this took a while to post everyone - I have been away in Indonesia/Osaka and it has taken me a while to "catch up". Jim
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