Saturday, 23 April 2011

Rainy day Nagoya - hello Nanzan

I had a cool class last night with Toshiya, working on a letter to the authors of his last
book (Whodunit). We brainstormed a decent reply, and then hurried up with an eraser-free composition...

I made sure I had all the materials I needed for the weekend in Nagoya, and set off on a late night drive as Yukari was at her desk working on exam entries before the weekend. A mere 3-hour drive; I know the way...I think the car knows the way!

Sakae on a Friday night? Doesn't strike me as a country pulling together, and I felt quite angry; Japan at it's most extravagant, trite worst as I tried to find my hotel...pimps, tarts, tats & twats. No suggestion of any moderation or concern for fellow Nihonjin here. And I really don't get it. I'm foreign: I have to help because I live here - I cannot not do my bit. Tripping over stupid drunk in all lit up downtown? No wonder postponing this training session was not universally 'popular'.

Trainees today - from the 14 pledged to come I was extremely disappointed (and a bit annoyed) that at the last minute only 5 showed; I know rearranging caused problems and some had to drop out with schedule's the no-shows and repeat offenders that annoy me & indicates as to the reliability of certain people down the line when we need someone to really turn up, like Tomomi.

My guys who did turn up today impressed me: prepared, printed and proper. Not exactly an on time start, but Nagoya constantly catches me out too. Again I changed the format, and I think it worked. Starting serious enables the swots over the sociables, and immediately shows me who has/hasn't prepped as requested.

Today, good group ethic and very tidy assessment; good application of considerable (though non-ESOL) experience; willingness to 'fess up to difficulties with script...

Well done Aichi/Gifu crew if Bob, John, Lesley, Sarah & Andrew, and thank you Maree for 'being volunteered'