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The PR poster of this film was the most talked about topic at first. In short, this film is one of the most romantic dramas I've ever seen.  There were some excellent performances from the leading actors , Jude Law, and actresses Norah Jones & Natalie Portman in this film.

This film is set in New York. Jude Law is a coffee shop owner and Norah Jones is a young woman he met there. She can't get over the shock of being dumped. He gives her a blueberry pie. This pie makes her warm. In this shop, there are so many keys in a bottle. She handed a room key to him. It is her exboyfriend's. One day, she takes a soul-searching journey across America to solve her questions about LOVE. While on this journey, she sends many messages to him via mail. She met many people and she was getting better.

The cinematography is very beautiful. In addition, Norah Jones's sweet singing matches the mood of this film. Jude Law performs very quietly and looks like a lonely man at beginning of this story. He lives in New York and she lives in Las Vegas and other countries, but.  they perform thoughtfully and believably.

I've seen a lot of good films performed by very famous actors and singers,but this one stands out from the rest.
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