Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Postcard from...Malta

We were delighted to find this postcard from our former student Sari in our postbox this morning! Sari was very brave and inspiring, quitting her job after passing FCE to go and study in London instead. Way to go, girl!

"Dear Jim,

Hi, how have you been?

I finished Master Course and am having a perfect holiday in Malta!

Hope we will meet up soon...

Best, Sari."


I learn at Luna said...

I'm very glad that you finished the Master course in English. I do not know about MALTA. However your beautiful post card informed me that you enjoyed your life and holiday.

YUMI (Your class mate)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and Yumi,

I'm glad you liked my postcard:) Malta is an amazing country, great mixture of culture and nature! Hope you can visit there someday.

I'll go back to Japan soon and hope I can visit Matsumoto and Luna.

See you soon,