Monday, 29 October 2012

Kids in the classroom 2012

With chalk & cheese!Sad to say goodbyeBreaking classSaying goodbyeSakura & MummyMessy room!
Painting fishMy work (Rukiya)My work (Airi)My work (Ayumi)Everybody Up vocabTeacher time - Everybody Up
We did thisEverybody Up - Tuesdays!DictaboardChecking English CentralAre we winning vs mumsInterested?!
Show mumsspelling race - magnetic!Magnetto-spellerbooks we like?brainstormingSplit conversation
Kids in the classroom 2012, a set on Flickr.
My apologies for not sharing September's album with you sooner!

As you can see, we have had a lot of fun lately, and doing a lot of different activities! We really think variety helps our learners develop mulitple intelligences & skills; it's not all about bookwork & learning words!

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