Friday, 5 October 2012

Sherlock Homes and the sport of kings

After reading:#3: What did Sherlock Holmes say to Silas Brown?

Sherlock Holmes: Now, Mr. Silas Brown, I want to see Silver Blaze.
Silas Brown :He's not in my stables! And who are you?
Sherlock Holmes : My name is Sherlock Holmes, and I know that the horse is here.
Silas Brown : And how do you know that?
Sherlock Holmes : Because I found the tracks of your shoes on the moor, next to the tracks of Silver Blaze, and the tracks came here.
Silas Brown : The tracks...Oh. Oh dear.
Sherlock Holmes : Yes, Mr. Brown, oh dear! Now, have you got the horse here?
Silas Brown : Yes, I have. He's round the back. He's ... er... well, he's a different color now.
Sherlock Holmes : A different color? The police are going to find that very interesting, Mr. Brown.
Silas Brown : Don't tell the police, sir. Please! I can change the color back very quickly.
Sherlock Holmes : Then you must do it today. Is the horse well?
Silas Brown : Yes, very well. He's a wonderful horse, sir. He can still win the Wessex Cup, you know.
Sherlock Holmes : Yes. And he must win it! With your help, Mr Brown. Now, listen carefully, ...