Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A nice song despite blurty boy - any advice?

Having a bit of a problem with 'blurty boy', who challenges every single thing I say, usually at decibels that would make a modern F1 car blush. Issues his own, contrary, edicts...continues a train of thought commentary on what he (and everyone else) is doing (or not doing), how much better he is at doing whatever it is we are doing, and that he has finished first etc.

If we throw in nose-picking, banging chairs, slouching, well-developed line of off-colour (L1) language & a weak bladder...well, I am struggling for a practical approach. Some days, it's just too hot or we've got an unexpected newbie in the class; that extra 5 minutes for 'focus, visualise the steps, have everything you are going to need to hand' evaporated and now I look daft trying to find the right track on the wrong CD. And so on. Oh, of course forgot to bring his own colour pencils & instead trashes mine/prevents anyone else from sharing nicely.

I'm amazed we managed to get this lovely little song squared away without getting shouty - think a tribute to the girls' patience and overwhelming niceness of the rest of the class members.

What do you do with alpha males in your YLE classes? Would love to know!

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