Saturday, 26 July 2014

Your Dead Friend - a vengeful ghost letter

The story in question
Dear Ling Cane,

Do you still remember me? I am Terry Sweet, the man you shot. Did you enjoy shooting your friend? Do you still think of me? The time has come and it is your turn to die..

          I am watching you from beyond the grave. From tonight something mysterious will happen, and I am going to be in your dreams from now on. Do you want to see a flying fork or a flying saucer? With me haunting you, you are going to see both.

          I will turn your dreams into nightmares. In the dream you will be me where I was carrying the painting. Then you will see your self get shot by yourself and feel the pain of the cold blooded bullet. Enjoy the show! It is free.

          I am sending you this letter from beyond the grave, so this means I can send letters to the police giving evidence of you killing me, but before I send the letters, I will continue to haunt you.

Select your destiny.

Your Dead Friend