Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Between the Flags - after reading & I still can't swim!

I don’t like swimming. And I can’t swim the butterfly.

When I was an elementary school kid, I swam every day in our gym class during summer. We practiced mainly crawl and breast stroke, but we had to learn butterfly from the upper grade. We could learn it only for 5 days per season. Our teacher and our classmate who was a member of swimming club taught us. But I could not understand how to move my hands and legs. And there was not enough time for us to practice it.

But the last day, our teacher said “Now let’s swim the butterfly 25 meters without stopping! If you stop, start again.” I tried to swim hard and long time. I thought the goal was very near. But I noticed that I could swim only 10 meters! I was exhausted, and I could not keep swimming. Our teacher looked at me and said “Start again!” I thought my butterfly form was almost drowning, but my best friend was same level. I saw her swimming hard next to me, and I started to swim again. Finally I could swim 25 meters without stopping.

I think it is no problem for me not to be able to swim the butterfly. Because if I find a drowning person, I would swim crawl or breast stroke to rescue her, not butterfly.

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