Tuesday, 22 July 2014

After reading "The Man Next Door"

Describe some one you have lived with & how they influenced your lifestyle.

When I was going to abroad and study Chinese in Tianjin, China, I have lived with two girls. We have own rooms and share the kitchen, bathroom and living room. One of the girl is Korean-American. She speaks English and Korean a little. Another girl is Korean. They can talk with Korean each other. As I couldn't speak Korean, I had to use Chinese to communicate with them. It gives me many chance to speak Chinese.

The Korean girl was good at cooking. She often took care of me for breakfast and ask me whether I had a break fast or not. She often cooked some steamed rices and Korean pickle. I ate breakfast together with her. After that I need to have a breakfast before going to school or company. Sometimes I couldn't eat something which wanted to eat or couldn't speak Chinese well but these experience influenced my lifestyle.

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